Pingmei Group, Application of TST Non-destructive Flaw Detector in Coal Mine

2018-03-16 09:21:04

Pingmei Group (Pingdingshan Tianan Coal Mining Co.,Ltd.) recently purchased a set of TS-X1142 portable non-destructive flaw detector from our company. Pingmei Group is one of the largest coal mines in China.
TST technicians completed the sample rope testing very efficiently. The test results showed that all flaws were effectively detected. The first damage was 3.81 meters, the flaw vale was 2.99%; the second flaw was 5.61 meters, the flaw value was 11.19%; the third flaw was 9.82 meters. The value is 1.53%. Then they checked the type of damages. The first two were broken wires and the latter one was abrasion. And the exact position of the damage was completely in accordance with the actual location.
Later they started testing on the actual wire rope of coal mine. The whole testing process was very smooth and the flaw value inspected was fully consistent with the actual condition, which made the related persons of Pingmei Group all very satisfied. They said the TST wire rope non-destructive flaw detector not only make precise detection, but also was easy to operate, and it’s worthy of promotion in the coal mine industry.