Passenger Aerial Online Ropeway Intelligent Monitoring System


The intelligent flaw detection system for passenger aerial is an engineering system that implements online non-destructive testing for the wire ropes on overhead passenger equipment. The flaw detection system can be installed on wire ropes such as overhead passenger devices and cableway machinery, and is a project integrating detection data collection, transmission, processing, display and storage, which can effectively detect various flaw of steel wire ropes in operation, and report the safety status of the wire rope in time.


  • Electromagnetic induction signal to noise ratio: S/N>85dB
  • Axial position accuracy of damage point: 0.5mm
  • Signal effective extraction distance: 0~30mm
  • Power loss: <50mW
  • Reliability check cycle: >27000h
  • Ambient temperature: -40℃~+60℃
  • Relative humidity: <95%RH(+25℃)
  • Rated working voltage of industrial control master station: AC220V/127V+10%
  • Sensor rated working voltage: DC5V+5%
  • Sensor rated working current: 200mA

System Function

▪1 It performs non-contact flaw detection on the tested steel wire rope without affecting the normal operation of the tested object.

▪2 In order to completely eradicate the phenomenon of false alarms, the mining conveyor belt longitudinal tear identification device uses multiple methods to independently collect respective image information, independently identify, and mutually verify. Only when the multiple methods confirm that longitudinal tear has occurred, the system will make alarm;

▪3 The upper computer software can analyze real-time images in real time. Once cracks or longitudinal tears are found on the conveyor belt surface, the software will alarm and save the abnormal image snapshots in a fixed folder, which is convenient for users to view and analyze specific issues;

▪4 This system can display the status of the bottom surface of the upper belt clearly and intuitively on the monitor in real time by video, and through intelligent detection and analysis of the image, it can find out the abnormal conditions on the surface of the conveyor belt;

▪5 The upper computer software can realize the function of video image output of historical data detection of conveyor belt surface damage, cracks, and longitudinal tearing, and the data and images can be used for query;

▪6 Using TCP/IP protocol, high-speed real-time data transmission is available.

▪7 It has real-time flaw curve display function.

▪8 Use AI intelligent statistical algorithms to effectively eliminate abnormal noise points and ensure data accuracy.

▪9 WIth no-calibrate automatic detection mode, one-time parameter setting, permanent continuous detection can be realized.

▪10 It has the standard industrial automation ModBus TCP communication protocol integrated into the third-party platform.

▪11 Can realize centralized platform-based unified management of multiple device terminals.

System Interface&Inspection Reports

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