TST Steel Core Conveyor Belt Intelligent Monitoring System With AI visual recognition


The AI visual monitoring system for mining conveyor belts is an intelligent conveyor belt detection system. The system can detect tearing caused by foreign matter penetration, material entrapment, intermediate roller drop, material accumulation at the machine head, and conveyor component failure. At the same time, the system has the functions of automatic collection, storage, processing, display, alarm, and report printing of real-time online steel cord conveyor belt flaw information, which can effectively protect and accurately evaluate the safety status of the conveyor belt.


  • Applicable belt width: 800-2000mm
  • Camera pixels: 12 million
  • Image resolution: 0.5mmx0.5mm
  • Monitoring speed: 1-8m/s
  • Response time: <0.5s
  • Longitudinal tearing alarm response time: <1s
  • System working voltage: AC127V/AC220V/AC380V/AC660V
  • Network cable transmission: ≥80m
  • Optical fiber transmission: ≥5km
  • Sensor power: <250W
  • Information collection frequency: >80KHz
  • Flaw location accuracy error: <0.01m
  • Normal service life of light source: not less than 30,000 hours
  • Protection level: IP66

System Function

This system uses a 3D high-definition camera to take high-speed, full-section shots of the bottom surface of the conveyor belt with the assistance of LED roadway lights, it will detect whether there is longitudinal tear or other belt surface damage in real time;

2 In order to completely eradicate the phenomenon of false alarms, the mining conveyor belt longitudinal tear identification device uses multiple methods to independently collect respective image information, independently identify, and mutually verify. Only when the multiple methods confirm that longitudinal tear has occurred, the system will make alarm; 

▪3  The upper computer software can analyze real-time images in real time. Once cracks or longitudinal tears are found on the conveyor belt surface, the software will alarm and save the abnormal image snapshots in a fixed folder, which is convenient for users to view and analyze specific issues;

4 This system can display the status of the bottom surface of the upper belt clearly and intuitively on the monitor in real time by video, and through intelligent detection and analysis of the image, it can find out the abnormal conditions on the surface of the conveyor belt;

5 The upper computer software can realize the function of video image output of historical data detection of conveyor belt surface damage, cracks, and longitudinal tearing, and the data and images can be used for query;

6 The upper computer software is easy to operate. Operators can independently complete the inspection of the conveyor belt after simple training. The software will detect and analyze all problems and make judgments automatically.

7 The upper computer software completely stores the collected belt data to the hard disk through multi-thread compression and special disk operation methods, ensuring that during processing and review, the belt surface image that is no different from the actual conveyor belt can be obtained;

8 This system is simple to operate and install, and its use environment is basically unrestricted. It can still be used normally even in harsh environments such as strong wind, humidity, and severe salt spray corrosion;

9 The camera window has the automatic cleaning function.

System Interface&Inspection Reports

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