TST Online Wire Rope Monitoring System With AI visual recognition


The AI visual recognition detection system for hoisting wire rope is an engineering system that conducts online real-time monitoring of hoisting wire rope diameter reduction and captures overruns. The system adopts visual recognition technology, which can monitor the reduction of wire rope diameter in real time, and the image will be automatically saved if it exceeds the limit. It can monitor wire rope damage in multiple dimensions and effectively protect the safety of wire rope operation. Meanwhile it will reduce inspection and maintenance time to improve the efficiency of wire rope use.


  • Visual recognition speed range
  • Camera pixels: 12 million
  • Monitoring speed: 0-8m/s
  • Rated voltage: 12V DC
  • Rated current: ≤500mA
  • Camera output optical signal transmission distance: ≥15km

System Function

1.The system uses a high-definition camera to shoot the surface of the wire rope at high speed with the assistance of a fill light, and detects the change in the diameter of the wire rope in real time;
2. The upper computer software of the system can analyze the real-time images, once flaw is discovered, the alarm will be called immediately, and the flaw image can be captured and saved to facilitate users to view and analyze specific problems;
3. This system can clearly and intuitively display the status of the wire rope in real-time by video, and through intelligent detection and analysis of the image, it can find out the abnormal conditions of the wire rope;
4. This system can realize the video and image output function of wire rope flaw historical detection data, and the data and images can be used for query;
5. The system has the functions of point management and parameter configuration;
6. This system can be integrated with the magnetic flaw detection system;
7. The upper computer software of this system adopts multi-thread compression and special disk operation mode to collect data, which ensures that there is no difference from the actual wire rope surface image;
8. This system is simple to operate and install, and its use environment is basically unrestricted. It can still be used normally even in harsh environments such as strong wind, humidity, and severe salt spray corrosion;
9. The camera window has the automatic cleaning function.

System Interface&Inspection Reports

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