TST Portable Elevator Wire Rope Tester


TST Portable Elevator Wire Rope Tester is developed on basis of magnetic inductive sensing technology and MFL (magnetic flux leakage) wire rope inspection technique. The system can be applied for the inspection of elevator wire ropes for the physical damages or material deteriorations such as broken wire, abrasion, structure deformation, corrosion, fatigue and etc.

The portable tester can provide fast and stable inspection experience for all kinds of elevator rope arrays for normal and high speed elevators. The inspection process is computer assisted which makes is almost a one-key operation. The inspection report is instantly generated onsite and there is a large built-in database to archive history track records of different inspection target.

The tester is used for inspection of wire ropes on elevators.


  • Safety in elevator wire rope operation
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in wire rope monitoring
  • Reduction in maintenance downtime
  • Reduction in maintenance related labor cost
  • Reduction in operation costs and complexity
  • Reduction in manmade errors and inspection uncertainty
  • Enhancement in wire rope related decision making process


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