Instead of Manual Inspection, New Technology for Intelligent Wire Rope Detection Appeared


 What are the uses of wire rope?            


From deep-sea submarines, giant ships, arresting cables to lifting and transportation on production lines, wire ropes carry the weight of almost all lifting, hoisting and transportation fields in reality. Therefore, the safety of wire ropes has always been a concern, and it is particularly necessary to regularly test the wire ropes in use.


Now this lifeline closely related to safety is increasingly handed over to the non-destructive testing technology of Luoyang TST Flaw Detection Technology Co., Ltd.          


From human to equipment, subverting traditional methods


Previously, the safety inspection method of wire rope mainly relied on "visual inspection and caliper measurement". However, due to the special structure of wire rope, coupled with the influence of multiple factors such as personnel quality, working environment and harsh working conditions, manual inspection is often difficult to effectively ensure the safe operation of wire rope. This has led to a huge gap between the inspection technology and the safety management needs of users, making it difficult to effectively control the safety risks of wire rope in a timely manner.           


Now, Luoyang TST Flaw Detection Technology Co., Ltd. relies on intelligent sensors, "full magnetic detection" technology and sensor full magnetic information extraction methods to provide customers with non-destructive detection technology services for ferromagnetic metal components (wire ropes).                     


With its excellent performance and broad application prospects, TST intelligent non-destructive testing technology is gradually becoming a "high-tech intelligent inspection partner" in various fields. It provides strong support for the safety inspection of wire ropes and makes safe production more reliable and energy-efficient.        


From periodic to real-time, filling the technology gap    


TST wire rope intelligent flaw detection system developed by TST is a 24-hour working system, which has revolutionized the traditional manual detection method. With its fast, accurate and precisemonitoring capabilities, it easily replaces manual inspection and eliminates all safety hazards of wire ropes.      


"Fast" detection is more efficient, with 7*24 hours real-time online monitoring, real-time warning, and saving maintenance time.   


"accurate" with high precision, it strictly in accordance with national and international wire rope inspection standards, and the wire rope status is judged based on the test results.    


"precisely" and intelligently, quantitatively detect internal and external wire rope damage, provide scientific basis, and evaluate the service life of wire rope.



TST intelligent flaw detection system can effectively and quantitatively test various internal and external damages of wire ropes: broken wires, wear, rust, fatigue, kinks, deformation, loose strands, etc. It can not only monitor the operation of wire ropes in real time, and issue early warnings and alarms, give test results that meet standard requirements, but also generate a comprehensive report on the use of wire ropes, thus we can make predictions on the future safety of wire ropes.          


The introduction of professional wire rope testing equipment can effectively prevent rope breaking accidents, reasonably reduce rope costs, and improve wire rope operation efficiency.