TST Provides Portable Wire Rope Tester Training to Clients


 Recently, TST Engineering Department provided professional knowledge training and counseling on the TST portable wire rope flaw detection system for the visiting customers of mines, they helps the clients improve the operating skills of TST portable wire rope flaw detection system, judge the wire rope running potential safety hazards in the process, and improve the level of safety production management.


During the training, engineers of TST first explained the components, usage methods, daily maintenance, and product advantages of TST portable wire rope flaw detection system in detail through PPT, emphatically introduces the working principle of the system, as well as fault diagnosis and solutions to ensure the effective operation of the system in daily use.


During the actual operation, TST engineers asked the customers to operate the machine, guided and answered the existing problems one by one. The customers participating in the training also had heated discussions based on the common problems and solutions in the work, striving to apply what they have learned, and better master the operation technology of the TST portable wire rope flaw detection system.



The TST portable steel wire rope flaw detection system adopts the principle of "inductive magnetic flux variable compensation sensor". When detecting, it conducts identification and analysis according to the state of the magnetic field inside and outside the steel wire rope. By the energy replacement method between the "three-dimensional holographic induction bridge" and the steel wire rope, "Holographic" acquisition of internal and external damage signals of steel wire ropes can not only quantitatively detect internal and external broken wires, corrosion, wear, etc. of steel wire ropes, but also the fatigue.

During the 3-day training, the customers have a comprehensive understanding of the operation process of TST portable wire rope flaw detection system, and have passed the formal assessment to obtain the system operation certificate, which provides a reliable guarantee for the company's steel wire rope flaw detection work.