Elevator Accident: Importance of Wire Rope Inspection

2022-09-22 11:14:10


Ahmedabad lift accident: 8 killed as elevator of under-construction building crashes---Which is happened in India last week. Preliminary investigation has revealed the elevator carrying the workers crashed to the ground from the seventh floor, killing eight labourers,


Talking to Twitter, PM Modi Tweeted, The mishap at an under-construction building in Ahmedabad is saddening. Condolences to those who have lost their family members in this mishap. I hope the injured recover soon. The local authorities are providing all possible assitance to those affected.


It is crucial to start the inspection on elevator regularly, especially the wire rope inspection. TST provides the portable&online elevator wire rope inspection devices for clients with more than 12 years, which has the benefits showed below:


Benefits & Features

Safety in elevator wire rope operation.

Efficiency and effectiveness in wire rope monitoring

Reduction in maintenance downtime

Reduction in maintenance related labor cost

Reduction in operation costs and complexity

Reduction in manmade errors and inspection uncertainty

Enhancement in wire rope related decision making process