The Elevator Slides 27 Meters in 13 Seconds: The Importance of Elevator Wire Rope Inspection

2023-02-24 14:57:26


In a residential area in Qingdao, China, The elevator company told the property company to replace the elevator traction rope in time when they found an elevator wire rope was short of oil, rusted and dropped red powder. Due to the lack of common sense, the managers of the property company thought it was just rust, so they smeared butter to lubricate the wire rope without permission. This ignorant behavior of the property management company caused the elevator rope slides 27 meters in 13 seconds! The property company was ordered to replace the wire rope immediately and was fined 50,000 by the government.

The TST elevator wire rope inspection system is a megnetic inspection method which is developed by Luoyang TST Flaw Detection Technology Co., Ltd can inspect the whole wire rope without damaging any structure of the wire rope. At present, the metal cross-section loss detection method is mainly used, which is mainly aimed at the damage caused by factors such as corrosion, wear, broken wires, and fatigue of steel wire ropes.