Wire Rope Broke at a Gold Mine in Fushu, China! 3 Dead and 1 Injured!

2024-03-28 10:53:48

 On March 13, 2024, a tank falling accident occurred at the Ruixinyuan Gold Mine, Liaoning Province, China, leaving four people trapped. After all-out rescue efforts, the four people trapped in the Ruixinyuan Gold Mine were rescued. One of them was sent to the hospital for treatment, while the other three dead.



After checking, the main reason of the tank crash was the wire rope of tank broke. The steel wire rope of the underground tank is not strong enough or is damaged by fatigue and overloaded, etc., resulting in the wire rope breaking and causing the accident; And the mine has been under construction for a long time. The wire rope of the underground mine has been unsupervised for a long time.


As an important key component in lifting, transportation and load-bearing equipment, steel wire ropes are widely used in coal, metal mines, hoisting, construction, water conservancy, electric power, tourism, ports and terminals, transportation, aerospace, oil drilling, Military industry and other fields.

Globally, the number of wire rope breaking accidents that occur every year in various countries is alarming, with a large number of casualties and property losses.

How to prevent safety hazards of wire ropes in lifting equipment has become a major problem in the production scenarios of many companies!


At present, Luoyang TST Flaw Detection Technology Co., Ltd has advanced NDT technology for wire ropes.


1. TST wire rope intelligent flaw detection system has 7*24 hours real-time online monitoring, real-time warning, which is easy to operate and use and saves much maintenance time.

2. TST intelligent flaw detection system for wire ropes strictly complies with the international safety standards for the use of wire ropes and can determine the use of wire ropes based on the test results.

3. TST wire rope intelligent flaw detection system can detect various damages of inside and outside of wire ropes such as broken wires, wear, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue, etc. and correctly evaluates the remaining load-bearing capacity and service life of the tested wire rope.



The introduction of professional wire rope testing equipment can effectively prevent rope breaking accidents, reasonably reduce rope costs, and improve wire rope operation efficiency.