Qatar Petroleum Company , China ST Portable Wire Rope Tester

2018-04-17 13:01:10


The service products were TST portable wire rope tester TS-X11 series. This was the second purchasing from TST, by actual application the quality and function got highly approval from the user, and TST’s thoughtful and professional service also convinced the client deeply. With client effort on marketing promotion, TST already got more market requirement from Qatar, but it’s not the ending, just as TST engineer Roy said “Our target is to provide the advanced wire rope testing system and solution to help them achieve efficient and safer wire rope operations and materialize real economic benefits by improvement of safety management.’


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TS-X11 series wire rope testers have many advantages:

1.    Small and convenient design makes it easy to be operated

2.    Can detect the wire ropes that diameter is from 6mm-70mm

3.    It can detect the internal defects precisely with good repeatability

4.    The detailed inspection report can be provided by TST software on computer