Thoughts of ShanXi Coal Mining Accident


On May 20, 2020, the red alarm light flashed on the monitoring screen of the Shanxi Coal Mine General Dispatching Center. The wire rope in auxiliary shaft was inspected at location 238 meters with a serious damage. More than safer, it can not be delay more than one second. The mine manager contacted with TST engineer promptly and troubleshooted at the same time.

According to the injury position showed on the intelligent monitoring system, the technicians found the accurate matched damage. They took a breath of cold air when they saw the damage. The damage can be only one step away from the broken rope. It was a close call, but luckily TST ‘s technology save the customers.

TST was so proud of customer’s surprise. The mine manager told to our engineer that: “We appreciate your advanced reliable detection technology and your professional service attitude. We got this intelligent monitoring system and put into use only half a year, and it helped us to inspected such a huge potential safety hazard of wire rope in time, avoid a big safety accident.” Although there were no flowers and applause, the unpretentious words from customers were highly recognized and praised by our TST company.

Technology makes production safer, this is our TST company's eternal philosophy. TST will constantly advance and surpass as a promoter and a practitioner on this road.

More Than Safer