Big data era of wire rope flaw detection system has came


TST Flaw detection technology Co.,Ltd has entered the new big data era of intelligent wire rope flaw detection. Remote monitoring, co-management of monitoring data, data analysis and other remote information management, TST’s big data information remote monitoring system has integrated the wire rope flaw detection data system of new and old customers, has been successfully applied in various industries, such as in mines, elevators, oil&gas, ports, ropeways industries. The wire rope inspection information of customers are displayed in the TST monitoring center online in real time. 24-hour flaw information analysis of the steel wire rope is more accurate, the emergency response ability is higher and faster, the safety risk assessment ability is stronger. This provides advice on the installation and maintenance of customers, and builds a faster, higher and more convenient relationship between our customers and us.

Through the new service model of "Internet plus", TST has expanded and  improved our service. TST Company will continue to be a leader of  non-destructive flaw detection of steel wire ropes.
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