Conditions of ensuring the accuracy of wire rope testing


Wire rope inspection equipment is a device which inspects wire rope damage. It is widely used in Mining, elevator, cableway and architectural industries. Wire rope is a important component which damages can cause accidents, resulting in property damages and injuries. A wire rope tester detects various damages on the wire rope, and let people know the flaw location and flaw value through the inspection data, so as to determine whether the wire rope needs to be replaced. How does it ensure the accuracy of the test results?
Professional wire rope flaw detector directly presents the accuracy of the test data. The accuracy date will help the enterprise and holders to make a right estimate.
1. Inspectors’ degree of specialization
The testing technician should possesses the corresponding professional knowledge and practical ability. The inspection reports submitted by qualified, experienced and skilled inspectors are more precise than that of ordinary inspectors. They have good judge ability and the ability to use detection equipment, which is the key to determine the accuracy of the test data. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the training of technicians, to improve their detection technology and job responsibility.
2. Testing environment
The testing environment is the basis for ensuring the accuracy of testing data. The wire rope flaw detector is mainly adopted electromagnetic technology. The wire rope needs to be magnetized before detection. If there are some strong magnetic field devices or objects around, that will affect the detection data and even make the detection data invalid. In addition, the temperature, humidity and other external air conditions of the detection environment also need to meet the wire rope testers’ working requirements.
3. Choose the suited flaw detector
According to the industry and operating environment, it is necessary to select a suitable wire rope flaw detector. For example: inspection wire rope in construction should be selected a steel wire rope detector for tower crane. The model of the flaw detector is appropriate for the specifications of wire rope being inspected. Carry out maintenance and regular calibration before and after use.

4. Standardize the testing process
The inspectors should standardize the testing process, reduce the randomness of the testing work. And update the testing standards in time to avoid the use of obsolete standards. In particular, using portable flaw detectors requires fully magnetize the wire rope, the four steps of flaw detection cannot be omitted each.

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