Portable Flaw Detection System Operation Process



Step 1. Wire Rope Magnetization


a. Mark the magnetization direction and recorded.

b. Make magnetization distance as long as possible only that can make sure the detection distance long enough.

c. Magnetization only runs in one direction but not back and forth again and again.

d. In magnetization process, the magnetizer must be kept continuous running from starting point to end, which cannot be opened in running halfway. Don not  stay at any place more than 3 sec.

e. Please note installation ways of magnetizer to avoid device damage due to improper installation.


Step 2. Sampling

a.Turn on the T-detector, choose item 2 ‘edit’ to edit specification of ropes.


Select the sampling point principle:

1)The selected sampling point should be in healthy part relatively good visually.

2)The sampling point must be in the effective section of detection, far away from the magnetic pole.

3)Sampling direction must be consistent with the magnetization direction.

4) Choose 6 points as average, if the rope statue is not good, please choose at least 10 points.


Step 3. Detection


a.The direction detection should be consistent with direction of magnetization.

Mark the location of starting point.

b.In detecting process the running speed of wire rope must be controlled within 2m/s with constant speed and not backward.


Step 4. Connect the detector with computer to get the detailed inspection report.