Introduction of TST wire rope flaw detector


The wire rope flaw detector is mainly used for flaw detection in the fields of ropeway, mining industry, elevator, lifting equipment, etc. So what function and the key technology does it have?

M-regulator & T-detector

The function of wire rope flaw detector:

1. Elimination of errors: The sensor based on the principle of magnetic flux balance can eliminate errors caused by wire rope shake and internal/ external defects.

2. On-line detection and positioning: The use of wire rope flaw detectors can realize the internal and external wear, broken wires, abrasion, corrosion, fatigue and other conditions of ordinary wire ropes has. Online monitoring can inspect various conditions and can accurately get the location and flaw percentage.

3. Automatic alarm: If there is deformation or broken wire exceeds 5%, the system can automatically send sound-light alarm, the specific alarm value can be set; if the deformation or broken wire exceeds 10%, it will automatically cut off the power supply of the wire rope operation system.

4. Automatic notification: The inspection report and alarm information of the wire rope flaw detector can be printed and the function of mobile phone notification can be realized.

5. Non-contact inspection: Both the sensor of detector and trochometer are out of touch with the wire rope, which is safe and reliable.

6. Multi-data presentation: the interface of the flaw detector can show the flaw curves of multiple wire ropes at the same time, no matter how many steel ropes have.

7. Automatic stop: Once the wire rope was seriously damaged, the power supply of the motor can be cut off to stop the operation, ensuring the safety of production.

8. Self-checking: A fault message will be automatically displayed If there is failure occur ed on the single chip microcomputer, sensor, interface or transmission cable and other equipment.

9. Unique design: the sensor adopts a seamless stainless steel design with IP65 structure.

10. Accurate detection: Almost zero error

11. Report automatic-generated: the report reflects the flaw percentage, location, percentage drop in wire rope strength, service life and other key information.


T-detecor with flaw curve


Key technology of TST flaw detector:

The core of TST detection technology is the electromagnetic(EM)sensor technology for the non-destructive test of the ferromagnetic objects. The focus of the test is to detect the EM field signal induced by the target and recognize the featured flaw signals through regulating and detecting process. Our advanced magnetic sensor technique also ensures that the noise signals are effectively screened out so that we could develop an accurate pattern recognition model for system automation and intelligent computer evaluation.