What is the Development Prospect of Wire Rope Flaw Detectors


     Wire rope flaw detector is a flaw detection equipment widely used in mines, ports, elevators, rope ways and other fields. It mainly detects whether the steel wire rope has broken wires, rust, abrasion, and changes in metal cross-sectional area. Wire rope detector can realize rapid diagnosis of wire rope, thus reducing a lot of testing time and solving the problem of low efficiency of manual testing.


I. Development prospect:

1. Extensive application:

    After more than 20 years of development, the use of wire rope non-destructive flaw detectors has been involved in many industries. Among them, the rope-way industry started to use wire rope flaw detection equipment very early. The domestic rope-way is regularly tested every year, which is an early realization of standardized non-destructive testing. And the mining industry which needs many types of wire rope non-destructive flaw detectors applied. Thus multiple brands and types of testing equipment appeared, and the exploration of testing technology were more in-depth.

    Among them, the research of wire rope NDT technology by Luoyang TST Flaw Detection Technology Co.,Ltd has been widely recognized in the market. In addition, in the elevator industry, oil field industry, and bridge industry, the scope of application is getting wider and wider.


TST Portable Wire Rope Tester TS-X1142

2. Huge market:


    In recent years, the companies from abroad which specialized in the wire rope tester have appeared in China, And the domestic manufacturers such as Luoyang TST is also carrying out large-scale market promotion.

    Therefore, in the market of multi-brand and various types of wire rope flaw detection equipment, the quality and price of the equipment are vary seriously, which has caused a certain degree of confusion in the market. This is the stage that the wire rope flaw detector must go through after entering the market. Only after this process, the wire rope flaw detection equipment and technology can develop more healthily through continuous optimization and innovation.


TST Four Rope Online Wire Rope Tester

II. Limitations: 

    At present, many users purchased this equipment, but they cannot really play its role. The reason is that it is not easy to achieve accurate detection of wire rope defects, especially quantitative detection. This is mainly due to the complexity of the structure of the wire rope itself, the harshness of the on-site working conditions, and the limitations of detection methods and equipment.

    We also need to analyze the type and severity of defects, make accurate judgments on the current status of the wire rope, and take corresponding measures to improve the operation of wire rope and prevent further deterioration of the damage. This not only requires the equipment to have good resolution and accuracy, but also requires the inspector to have an overall understanding of the wire rope structure and its defects, and evaluate the defect status.

    Luoyang TST Flaw Detection Technology Co.,Ltd owns the core technology of "full magnetic testing" and all the intellectual property rights. At present, Luoyang TST has developed and innovated more than 30 types of flaw detectors, and has an experienced inspection team, which can provide customers with comprehensive services and meet customers' all-round needs.