The Method and Importance of Cable Way Steel Wire Rope Inspection


Nowadays many scenic area are equipped with cable ways (also known as rope way) to facilitate the transportation of passengers and goods. Taking the cable car up and down the mountain can save a lot of footwork, and you can also overlook the beautiful scenery from the air for special taste. But there are also many tourists who have an inexplicable sense of fear about the cable way and think that its safety cannot be guaranteed. In fact, there are cable way breakage accidents in reality, and the damage caused is very serious. Therefore, this requires the scenic spot to pay special attention to the state and operation of the cable way wire rope to ensure the personal safety of tourists. 


I. The inspection method of cable way steel wire rope in the scenic area


1) Visually inspection


The traditional form of wire rope manual detection has many disadvantages. First, the detection environment and methods are complicated. For example, when the space is limited, it is necessary for the inspector to use a ladder for a long time, which is time-consuming and laborious. If only one staff detects, it is also needed to use mirror reflection to observe the wire rope situation at the bottom. The second is that the accuracy of the detection results cannot be guaranteed, because the manual detection takes a long time, and the staff is prone to fatigue, resulting in missed detection. In addition, manual visual inspection can only see the damages on the surface of wire rope, and the internal abnormalities cannot be detected; The third is that manual inspection has too high safety risk for staff.


2) By portable wire rope tester


The portable flaw detector is suitable for a single person to carry, detect and leave easily. It is also convenient for installation and transfer. The steel wire rope can be inspected in a static or moving state. It is suitable for regular partial flaw detection on vulnerable parts or regular or irregular "spot inspection" on wire ropes.


3) Build a cable way wire rope automatic monitoring system for real-time detection


With flexibly installation, TST cable way steel wire rope flaw detection system is a multifunctional automation device. The all-weather unattended automatic flaw detection supervision mode is adopted to monitor the safety status of the steel wire rope in real time, so as to improve the healthy operation of the cable way to a higher level.


II. The importance of cable way steel wire rope detection in scenic area


The importance of cable way wire rope inspection is mainly reflected in three aspects, that is, improving the safety of cable way operation, saving investment and making cable way operation more energy-efficient. The safety of the cable way operation is the most important, it is also the requirement and responsibility of the scenic spot to ensure the safety of tourists; The daily inspections to prevent problems before it happen, and eliminate the risk of accidents, which can save unnecessary capital investment for operators; At the end, finding problems in time and solving it, nip problems and dangers in the bud, will better improve the efficiency of cable way operation.