TST attended 2023 China International Coal&Mining Expo.


 Hosted by China National Coal Association, Nearly 100,000 people from more than 30 countries and regions visited the China International Coal&Mining Expo. With the theme of "Smart and Efficient, Shape Low-Carbon Future", the exhibition focused on displaying new equipment, new technology and new solutions in the field of coal production in the past two years In China and abroad.


At the exhibition site, Luoyang TST Flaw Detection Technology Co., Ltd exhibited multi-category AI intelligent flaw detection equipment for steel wire ropes/conveyor belts and AI intelligent inspection robots at the W2402 booth. The products fully demonstrate TST's technology to empower coal mines in safe and energy-efficient production, and its capabilities in providing multi-modal intelligent safety supervision comprehensive solutions for users.


TST showed company's new technologies, new products, excellent product quality, reliable service capabilities and business models, attracting many new and old customers in China and abroad to watch, consult and negotiate. On-site staff communicated with customers on solutions for online monitoring systems for wire ropes and conveyor belts.


At this exhibition, TST comprehensively presented multi-modal fusion security monitoring solutions to everyone through interactive demonstrations of hardware equipment and software systems.


This solution uses a multi-modal monitoring method that combines all-magnetic technology, visual recognition, and inspection robots to simultaneously detect targets through magnetic detection modes, and combines AI machine learning technology to achieve energy-efficient, real-time defect damage detection and information processing.


Luoyang TST Flaw Detection Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on "smart mines" and developed "multi-modal intelligent safety supervision solutions" to build major upgrades and transportation equipment in-service steel wire ropes and steel rope core conveyor belts. The hardware detection technology of safety monitoring is mainly used, supplemented by the digital management system of each scene, and with the intelligent sensors owned by TST , a full-scenario safety intelligent management and control platform for mining wire ropes/conveyor belts is established.

 In recent years, TST has invested a lot of money in research and development, and has continuously developed new equipment and technologies to help mining companies produce energy-efficient production. The company has successively obtained the honorary qualifications of national high-tech enterprise, high-tech dual-soft technology enterprise, and "specialized, special and innovative" technology enterprise.