TST Intelligent Safety Supervision System For Wire Ropes Used on Coal Mine


Recently, Luoyang TST Flaw Detection Technology Co., Ltd. customized a wire rope multi-modal intelligent safety supervision system for a group of mines, using technology to create new developments in coal mine safety production, helping the group to build digital smart mines and integrated intelligent management to protect the mining transportation.


The multi-modal intelligent safety supervision system for wire ropes integrates TST's three core products (wire rope online real-time flaw detection system, AI visual monitoring system, and AI laser diameter measurement system) to provide a complete solution for mining hoisting systems. The system conducts triple synchronous detection in mining hoisting systems, which collects, analyzes, and stores wire rope damage information in real time, predict the life and future safety of wire ropes, and provide scientific planning for wire rope maintenance and replacement for enterprises.


This safety supervision system for steel wire ropes adopts AI artificial intelligence technology, focusing on "full magnetic detection", supplemented by "AI vision" and "laser diameter measurement", and using high-speed and high-definition industrial cameras, laser diameter measurement sensors, equipped with machine vision and artificial intelligence algorithm models to conduct comprehensive analysis of wire rope flaw data.


This wire rope safety supervision system conducts 7*24 hour monitoring for wire ropes. It can not only effectively and quantitatively determine wire rope damage: broken wires, wear, corrosion, fatigue, kinks, deformation, loose strands, etc, also accurately monitor the diameter shrinkage of wire rope; it observes the operating status of the wire rope by automatically capturing images, detects potential problems in a timely manner, reduces inspection and maintenance time, improves the efficiency of the wire ropes.


With the construction and advancement of smart mines, the intelligent safety supervision system for wire ropes is replacing traditional detection methods such as the human eye, infrared rays, and promote the intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises.