Coal Mine, Anhui, TST portable wire rope tester

2022-08-17 15:58:55

On July 22th, 2022, one set TST portable wire rope testing equipment TS-X1160 was used in the Coal mine of Anhui province. TST engineer helps the customer finished the inspection onsite, we found 4 big flaws which has the flaw value more than 5%. After recheck by visual inspection, all the big flaws were found finally. Usually the big flaws can be 99% detected by TST wire rope inspection devices. After the inspection, the customers were quite satisfied with our products.

TST Portable Wire Rope Tester uses magnetic inductive sensing technology and magnetic flux leakage wire rope inspection techniques. Essentially, fault events leave a magnetic signature, which the detector can pick up.This allows for high-speed, accurate, user-friendly inspections.


The TST Portable Wire Rope Tester can inspect upwards of 5 m/s (or as limited for safe operation). It offers more than 90% repeatability of quantitative detection for flaws, and 100% accuracy of severe flaw signals. Additionally, the tester picks up both flaws, such as internal broken wires and fatigue, as well as external flaws, such as broken wire, abrasion and corrosion.