TST Online Monitoring Flaw Detection System Used in Coal Mine

2022-06-24 10:55:59

On May 27,
2022, one set of TST overhead passenger wire rope online monitoring flaw detection system has installed on the main derrick aerial passenger device of Panjiang Coal Group,Sichuan Province, which performs real-time inspection on the wire rope and effectively improve the operation performance on the coal mine.

TST overhead passenger wire rope automatic flaw detection system is composed of console unit, infobridgeTachometer, flaw detection devices(magnetizer+ detector) and software. There are three-level warning modes, which can perform quantitative, qualitative, accurate, wide-range, high-speed flaw detection of wire ropes, with real-time display, synchronous analysis, statistical backup of flaw detection images and chart information, the customer can review and print the inspection reports at any time, summarize and compare historical data and Calculate the remaining capacit, which will effectively eliminate the potential safety hazards caused by manual inspection deviations.