FREE Training of TST Portable Wire Rope Inspection System

2022-05-26 14:45:57


Although the Covid-19, TST technician went to Daye mine in Huangshi, Hubei Province, China for free training of using TST portable wire rope tester TS-X1142 to inspect the wire rope of shaft in coal mine. The wire rope diameter of shaft hoist for gold ore delivery is 36mm, which suited for TS-X1142 with diameter scope 22mm-40mm. TST engineer gave brief introduction and detailed guidance about how to operate the TST portable inspection system and solve the problem of customers onsite.


Training of TST portable inspection system :

a) TST provides free training program for up to 3 inspectors in TST company and issue inspector certificate of TST FDSys.P system.

b) Onsite training can be provided at customers designated location.

c) Webcam training can be provided through internet with a proper site setup. TST will provide free training program. Certificates will be issued upon fulfilment of training session and testing tasks.