How long elevator wire rope inspection period should be?


 Nowadays, regular checking is paid attention more and more by enterprise and government because wire rope is the key in lifting equipment. It affects the elevator lifting system running efficiently. Moreover, How long the elevator wire rope should be checked? And what is the function of wire rope tester?
A. Function of wire rope tester

1. Wire rope tester is able to install camera at elevator pathway, talking the picture and monitoring the interior structure of elevator while elevator is running.

2. Manually inspection that needs engineer to measure the wire rope diameter has some limits. If inspecting the wire rope during elevator running, it requires MRT (Magnetic rope testing) inspection to inspect the wire rope.

3. Wire rope flaw detection system is able to measure rope diameter using camera at elevator pathway, through the measure data to rapidly evaluate abrasion state of wire rope. Also helping engineer calculates elevator running state in order to change aging components. Especially the high-rise building, the inspection system is able to reduce wire rope checking time to improve maintain efficiency.
B. Wire rope inspection period

1. Wire rope inspection period is once every three months in general.

2. Inspection of lifting elevator wire rope is required to start from after first year, then inspected every six months. Also judge the service condition of wire rope, providing the wire rope maintaining service, and decide to change new wire rope.

3. Sometimes the inspection period is uncertain because of the influence in use procedure. Therefore, inspection period could be judged by use environment, rope interface adhesion conditions, and amount and times of lifting. If the wire rope is used under bad situation and increases lifting times, it is also able to inspection once a month or once two months in order to ensure the wire rope running state.

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