Features of TST portable flaw detector in elevator industry


TST FDSys Flaw Detection System is developed on basis of magnetic inductive sensing technology and MFL(magnetic flux leakage) wire rope inspection technique. Also, portable wire rope detector consists of sensor, signal pretreatment unit and isometric pulse generator. Today, I would like to introduce to you about features of TST FDSys Flaw Detection System.

A.    High Accuracy, high resolution

Sensitivity of high quality sensor is higher than traditional sensor more than 700 times, also high resolution which is able to inspect quantificationally the actual flaws. 

B. Stable performance.
Inspection performance of portable detector is pretty good, the uncertainty of LMA ( loss of metallic area) which is caused by flaws of internal and external of wire rope is




C. Inspection data processing conveniently

Portable flaw detector is able to collect the data from wire rope, also processes and analyzes the inspection data by PC so the accurate judgment of the use state is obtained. It is not only able to achieve that displaying inspection process, but also print the inspection result and connecting with PC to process the data.

D. Applicability

TST FDSys Flaw Detection System applies many different situation of wire rope inspection. Does Not affected by temperature, speed, noise, water, turnup wires, greasy dirt.

E. Accuracy of inspection

The portable wire rope flaw detector can accurately evaluate the bearing capacity, safety factor and service life of the target rope by quantitative detection of the LMA caused by various damages such as internal and external broken wire, abrasion, corrosion and fatigue of the wire rope.

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