What are the advantages of using portable wire rope tester in mines


What are the advantages of using portable wire rope tester in mines

TST wire rope tester is a kind of easy to carry, compact, and simple to operate, using the instrument is able to accurately detect the damages of wire rope and flaws such as broken wire, wear, and fatigue, and wire rope flaw detector is widely used, widely used in mining industry, the elevator, military, port machinery, and etc.

Feature of portable wirer rope tester

Can detect all kinds of damage of wire rope, such as: fatigue, broken wire, corrosion, abrasion, pitting, deterioration and so on.

It is designed and manufactured for convenient to carry and high efficiency to inspect the target rope periodically.

Evaluated the wire rope safety states, providing the reliable protection and scientific judgment for our clients.

Quantitative and qualitative inspection, fast and smart.

Now let’s see the advantages of using portable wire rope tester in mining industry

There are many equipment that using wire rope in mines, it will probably have some problems on wire ropes because the visual inspection has lot of limits and is hard to find out the internal flaws. Therefore, potential safety hazard will be increased by visual inspection. On the other hand, TST wire rope tester is able to inspect the flaws on the target rope such as broken wire, fatigue, deterioration and so on. 

Portable. For mines, inspection would be suitable while using the portable unit in narrow space, portable wire rope tester is convenient to carry and inspect.

To the mining wire rope inspect quantitatively and qualitatively, also smart inspection to gain accurate detection data to deal with the rope problems.

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