How should elevator wire rope inspection and maintenance be done?


With the development of society, living standard is getting better, buildings are higher and higher. However, elevator becomes the most significant equipment and is paid attention by people, also elevator wire rope affects safety of elevator a lot so that gradually inspection and maintenance are important.

1. Elevator Wire Rope Inspection.

Because the elevator is used more and more, the probability of elevator accidents is also rising. Therefore, we must be alert to elevator accidents, daily inspection and maintenance work.
In the daily inspection of the elevator, the inspection of the wire rope is very necessary, wire rope is the key rope of the elevator, is the passenger's "life rope", so we must be serious, we can use the wire rope flaw detector to test the elevator wire rope.
The main detection elevator wire rope whether there is a broken strands, or broken wire, if found, it needs to be repaired, if serious situation to replace.
Inspection can also use vernier calipers to measure the nominal diameter reduction of wire rope less than 7%, but also to check whether there is any obvious external wear phenomenon on the surface of the wire rope.
Also check whether the wire rope is in good condition of lubrication and cleaning and whether there is any corrosion.

2. Reason of wire rope flaws
Tension of hoist rope deviates overly.
Hoisting condition designs inappropriate.
Lack of daily maintenance and
Using inappropriate releasing rope method while installing.
3. Maintenance of wire rope

To pay attention to the correct use, passenger and freight elevator to separately use, so as to reduce the wear of the elevator.
The tension of the wire rope should also be checked and maintained, the tension of each rope should not exceed 5%.

Once there is abnormal sound or the elevator is not running smoothly, you need to check whether you need to add lubricating oil and whether you need to clean it.
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