The importance of wire rope non-destructive testing


Along with the rapid development of industry, every field of wire rope in use, but there are many serious accident even dead because of quality and use of wire rope. Before and after the steel wire rope in use is the main reason not to use wire rope tester to inspect, only by visual inspection method, internal broken wire of wire rope is difficult to check out.

As a major component of major equipment and facilities such as hoisting, transportation, hoisting and load bearing, steel wire rope is widely used in various fields such as mining, metallurgy, construction, water conservancy, tourism, port, transportation, aviation and aerospace, oil drilling, military industry and so on. The use of steel wire rope is very common in mine hoisting transportation equipment.

For a long time, the use and management of steel wire rope has always been a difficult point in equipment management of various enterprises, even a "blind spot", due to the complex structure, bad use environment and irreparable damage. Steel wire rope has also become a major hidden danger of enterprise safety production, accidents over the years. However, the frequent occurrence of wire rope accidents over the years, the use and management of wire rope for many years has always been at a low level, at a low level, resulting in the use of wire rope equipment in various industries is still very serious.

Wire rope has become a major hazard source of frequent accidents, wire rope fatigue, broken wire, wear, corrosion and other technical defects have become difficult to detect and prevent major hidden dangers. The application research of steel wire rope shows that: Because of the complexity of the structure of wire rope, the diversity of the running environment and the limitation of the detection method, a large number of the wire rope is no good security, from now on you can see, how to ensure the safety of wire rope and reliable, and how to use scientific methods to judge the defect of steel wire rope, safety, correct detection, scientific evaluation, cost reduction, nondestructive testing is a wire rope detection method of science. The purpose of wire rope nondestructive testing is to ensure the safe use of wire rope and to reduce the waste caused by premature scrapping under the premise of safe use, which has important economic value.

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