Elevator wire rope broken wire reason


Elevator wire rope is the key to ensure the normal operation of the elevator, the damage of the wire rope is undoubtedly a great safety hazard to the elevator and the people who take the elevator. Elevator wire rope may be broken, fatigue, corrosion, wear, crush, distortion and other damage in the work, wire rope broken wire is a threat to the safety of a major factor. What are the reasons why the elevator wire rope is broken? What regular checks should be made?

Reason of broken wire

1.The large tension deviation of traction rope

The field inspectors used the wire rope dynamometer to measure the tension deviation of several wire ropes and calculate it. It was found that the tension of the five wire ropes was basically even and the deviation from the average value was no more than 5%. Therefore, it was excluded that the wire rope was broken due to this reason.

2.The traction condition of the tractor is not reasonable

In order to ensure the traction capacity required by the design, the Angle of the traction rope and the traction wheel should be increased with the equivalent friction factor unchanged. The elevator use gearless traction machine, steel wire rope is nominal diameter 10 mm, in order to provide sufficient tractive ability, to increase the elevator design for compound form Angle, wire rope on the traction wheel requires several positive and negative direction of bending and twisting, greatly influence the service life of wire rope, and the strength, toughness, resistance to bending properties of the steel wire rope, etc. Put forward higher requirements. In view of this case, because the elevator is newly installed passenger elevator, the use time is very short, the steel wire rope basically does not produce wear, so the steel wire rope broken due to the design reason can be basically excluded.

3.Elevator maintenance 

Wire rope is an important load bearing part of elevator, carrying all the quality of elevator car, in the elevator maintenance should pay special attention to the maintenance of wire rope. In view of this case, the steel wire rope is basically in a new state, and it is not found that there is a significant difference in appearance quality between the steel wire rope and other steel wire ropes. Therefore, it can be excluded that the mechanical properties of the steel wire rope itself are not up to the standard or the maintenance is not in place, resulting in a sudden phenomenon of broken strands.

4.Wire rope installation

The unreasonable way of laying the rope in the installation process of the elevator leads to the torsion of the steel wire rope, which leads to the damage of the structure of the steel wire rope. This is also the reason why the steel wire rope is broken soon after it is put into use. In addition, the installation of the operator improper operation, the surface of the wire rope caused by mechanical damage is also an important inducement of wire rope broken strands. Combined with the surface state of the steel wire rope at the broken strand and other wear of the steel wire rope, the main reason for the steel wire rope broken strand is the mechanical damage caused to the surface of the steel wire rope due to improper operation by the operator. However, it is not ruled out that due to the improper way of laying the rope, the steel wire rope is partially twisted, resulting in wear and tear in many times of running and eventually leading to the wire rope breaking.

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