The limitation of manual inspection of wire rope


The wire rope inspection used in the mine is arranged y in manual everyday. But there are some limitations of manual inspection, it can not inspect the applying condition of wire rope systematically and fully. It is not adapted to the development of the times. So what is the limitation of manual inspection?
1. The insecurity and great economic losses of manual inspection

The inspector can only see the external broken wire and the change of diameter of wire rope visually. The internal corrosion and abrasion is invisible to the human eyes, the inspector can not estimate the real condition of wire rope, so they can not replace wire rope in time to ensure the safety of mines and construction people. Generally recognized technically, the ultra limit percent of a wire rope installed is 15%. USA analyzed more than 8000 laboratories and site records.

There are 10% the wire rope in use which their ultra limit over 15%, they are in the dangerous state. And there are 2% the wire rope in use which their ultra limit over 30%, they are in the extremely dangerous state.

American research shows, more that 70% wire rope which are forced to replaced have little or no strength loss. And Japanese statistical analysis shows, the surplus strength of more than half wire rope which are forced to replaced reach to over 90%-100% of new one, that is in the run-in period. So the wasteful situation of using wire rope is a serious.

2. The work efficiency by manual inspection is lower

Visual inspection, touching, measuring with caliper are not only waste time, but also limited to some working condition. For example, it is unscientific of using visual inspection in mine. The inspector can only see the external flaws as broken wire, corrosion, and fatigue rather than internal flaws. These flaws internal are potential cause of accident.

Through the above we will know that it will exist very huge potential safety hazard if we only inspect visually. So mining industry adapt to advanced NDT device and manual inspection to conduct regularly non-destructive testing of wire rope. Make sure the safety operation of wire rope in use and extend the service life of wire rope.

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