Determination standard of wire rope flaws


Wire rope is a metal flexible load component. It has loss when it is used until scrap. And a various of flaws are difficult to repair. So we need wire rope detection to determine flaws types. What is the type of wire rope flaws and how to determine them?
1. types of wire rope flaws
1) Level I
LMA<2.5%, level 1 flaws basically don’t affect the security of use, hazardous degree--slight.
2) Level 2
5%>LMA≥2.5%, flaws of wire rope in level 2 come into flexural fatigue, abrasion and corrosion etc. Affect the security but doesn’t damage the main subject, hazardous degree--light.

3)Level 3
9.5%>LMA≥5%, existing flaws of wire rope are enlarging and aggravating, they damage the main subject gradually, hazardous degree-moderately severe
4)Super damage
LMA≥9.5%, or exceed the ultra limit value in standard, hazardous degree-serious, should change the wire rope in service.

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