Application of AI(Artificial intelligence)in Mining industry


 With the development of information technology, people's food, clothing, housing and transportation are quietly changing. AI(Artificial intelligence) has been popularized in various fields, including finance, e-commerce retail, education, customer service, medical and health, security and other fields. These are all affecting our lives. Smart ports, IoT elevators, smart construction sites, smart mines, our customers are intensifying the development of artificial intelligence without exception.
Mankind has been engaged in mining work for thousands of years, and miners have always occupied the core position of mining work. With the popularization of intelligence, smart mines are really coming.
Please follow the TST engineers to China's smart model coal mines to see the appearance of smart mines.
At present, the mine is running 10 sets of TST mine wire rope flaw detection monitoring system, and this is the first multiple sets of mine hoisting transportation wire rope centralized monitoring system.

We went to the main shaft hoist room at first. Here, there is no one on duty and all operations are controlled remotely.
There is also a set of self-disciplined monitoring system which regularly patrols and monitors the computer room through the self-discipline walking monitor, and records various data of each device.

Next we came to the main shaft conveyor belt.
Follow the continuous stairs, we went to the installation place of the front detection equipment of TST wire rope flaw detection system (main control station).
The infobridge is stand here, transmit the sensor signal to the Unit Console. Then we came to the auxiliary shaft of hoist room.
Then we climbed up to the high auxiliary shaft hoist crane room over 100 meters.

It is conceivable that our engineers and installation workers went up and down with carried the equipment to the 100-meter-high machine room for installation and debugging. How hard it is!
The mine cart transport the equipment and materials to the place where be needed. TST endless rope flaw detection system silently guards this material conveying line.
In addition, there are many sets of wire rope flaw detection equipment under the shaft. We only recorded the equipment above the shaft since digital equipment such as cameras and mobile phones cannot be brought into it.
The detection data of 10 sets wire rope flaw detection equipment are all gathered to the main station of TST centralized monitoring system where calculation, analysis and storage the data. Then the result is transmitted to the general dispatching command center in real time.
The general dispatching command center is the place with all the wisdom of the mine.Wire rope flaw detection system are all gathered here as well as other intelligent system. 

The mine has been upgraded through AI transformation, which greatly reduces labor costs, and production has become more scientific and safer. It has brought huge economic benefits. We TST are so proud to be involved.
TST smart IoT products are also running in scenarios such as smart construction sites, smart elevator management, smart ports and etc. to ensure production safety.