Performance of steel cord conveyor flaw detection system


Steel cord conveyor plays a key role in the enterprises of Coal Mining industry. The internal flaw of vulcanized splice of steel cord conveyor can not be inspected with strong magnetic tester. TST steel cord conveyor belt tester is used for online monitoring and inspection of operation steel cord conveyor belts for cord damages/deformation/deterioration and splice damages/shift without interrupting the production.

1. Qualitative & Quantitative inspection
The tester is ablt to inspect the cord and splice defects and determine the detect types, such as broken cord, broken wire, splice shift and etc.

2. Automation
Designed to make automatic monitoring, inspection, alarming and reporting for operating conveyor belts in 24/7. Alarms and key event report can be sent to supervisors in real time with SMS/Email under unmanned condition.

3.  Customization
Sensor head are customized and designed to adapt for specific applications/working scenarios to cover the whole belts length and width.

4. Advice on Belt maintenance
The online belt tester can give accurate and reliable inspection results on the damage status and deterioration process of belt so that engineers can make will-informed decisions on when/where to change/re-splice the belts to achieve most balanced cost effective results.

5. Remote/Cloud service and diagnosis
TST can provide service from remote or cloud-based to form a comprehensive support and solution package to further advance the practice for clients.

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