TST After-sale Service Won Widely Praise From Clients


 In order to help clients improve the operating of TST products: portable wire rope tester and TST real-time online AI intelligent flaw detection system and lay a solid foundation for safe production, TST Engineers strives to provide clients with professional training and technical services, which further strengthen the safety production awareness of customer companies and promptly eliminate possible accident hazards.


TST Engineers first gave a detailed explanation and description of the system components, usage methods, daily maintenance, product advantages, etc., focusing on the working principle and detection steps of the TST real-time online AI intelligent flaw detection system in actual use, enriching customers’ technical and theoretical reserves.


TST engineers provided customers with targeted operation drills on site, and provides guidance and answers to existing problems one by one. Customers participating in the training also conducted technical exchanges based on common problems and solutions at work, so as to better master product operation techniques and assist in safe production in mines.


In order to better meet the actual needs of customers, Luoyang TST regularly understands customers' technical needs and usage habits, personalized operating skills training programs for customers, and ensures that customers can use equipment proficiently. At the same time, TST regularly organizes customers to share experience and technology exchanges to promote cooperation and common progress between each other.


TST committed to helping companies improve their safety production management levels and achieve greater economic benefits and social value.