TST Special Inspection Device--Elevator Wire Rope Tester Used Onsite


 Elevators are widely used in our daily life, with high frequency of use, safety has always been a concern. Various elevator accidents that have occurred in recent years have brought serious property losses, personal injuries, and social influence. Thus Elevator safety has received more and more attention.


As an important part of mechanical safety management of elevators, the traction steel wire ropes require regular testing and maintenance, which is also a necessary measure to ensure the daily safe and stable operation of the elevator. For the testing and inspection of traction wire ropes, standardized management measures should be adopted, and safety and stability should be improved through modern monitoring and supervision technology.    

At present, the safety inspection method of steel wire rope mainly relies on "eye sight and caliper measurement". However, due to the special structure of the steel wire rope and the influence of personnel quality, working environment, harsh working conditions and other factors, manual inspection cannot effectively guarantee the safe operation of the steel wire rope. There is a huge gap between the inspection technology and the safety management needs of users.


Luoyang TST Flaw Detection Technology Co., Ltd. integrates "full magnetic technology" and intelligent data processing into the elevator wire rope operation scenario, and develops a series of smart monitoring products for elevator wire ropes. It realizes the monitoring and management of the usage status of elevator wire ropes, improves the safety and reliability of elevators, creates a safe elevator environment for passengers, and improves the maintenance efficiency of maintenance personnel.


Recently, a provincial special inspection institute introduced the TST portable intelligent flaw detection system for elevator wire ropes to comprehensively strengthen the inspection safety of elevator wire ropes and eliminate safety hazards in a shorter time and in a more convenient way.



Colleagues from the Luoyang TST first gave a detailed explanation of the components, usage, daily maintenance, and product advantages of the TST elevator wire rope portable intelligent flaw detection system, allowing the inspectors to understand the working principle and testing procedures of the system to ensure the effective operation of the system in daily use.